BABOR is a pioneer in professional skincare.

Created by the famous German biochemist Dr. Michael Babor over 55 years ago, BABOR transforms the secrets of nature into high-tech skin care. BABOR are pioneers of innovative cosmetic research and known for  advanced, highly effective formulas based on natural active ingredients.

 BABOR transforms cutting edge science into meaningful skincare solutions. They are one of the few skincare companies to have a large dedicated, in-house research and development team, and so use there scientific expertise and reach to drive new skin solutions faster - from discovery through development to market.

For more than fifty years they have produced high quality products from their factory in Aachen, a location chosen for its proximity to the thermal spring waters enjoyed since Roman times. BABOR is dedicated to producing products which are highly efficacious – but also a joy to use. Creams melt into skin without greasy residue and cleansing products moisturise and protect as well as deep clean.

At BABOR, research means stretching your own boundaries, thinking outside the box and always keeping an open mind about future discoveries.

Our extensive R&D work starts with the skin or beauty problem and then we conduct research to find solutions.

Teams of interdisciplinary experts – including dermatologists, geneticists, biochemists, molecular biologists, doctors and diabetes specialists work closely with renowned universities and other leading scientific establishments to constantly create groundbreaking innovations.

A key hallmark of BABORS work is the respect they show towards nature and its precious active substances. Consequently, BABOR use raw materials that are obtained from controlled organic cultivation and are based on renewable resources.

Since the company’s founding in 1956, BABOR has expressly renounced animal testing. It goes without saying that in future BABOR will not conduct or commission any animal experiments to test its products.

BABORS high quality and purity requirements as regards raw materials and strict quality controls guarantee a very high degree/level of security and quality of the products. In the development of  BABOR products they abstain from:

  • PEGs (polyethylen glycols)
  • synthetic silicon oils
  • mineral oils that irritate the skin
  • paraffins and paraffin derivatives
  • animal-based raw materials


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